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Did Straight-A Student's Second Life Make Him A Target? | News

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Did Straight-A Student's Second Life Make Him A Target?

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WUSA) -- Prince George's County Police are still hunting for the man who committed the 11th homicide in the county.

Police believe the victim on 38th Street near Metzerott Road was targeted, but what may surprise you is his background.

We've just received official confirmation of the victim's name: Justin DeSha Overcash.

If the police theory is correct, what is perhaps most surprising is that University of Maryland student Justin DeSha Overcash could maintain straight A's in physics, astronomy and geodynamics while selling marijuana out of his house just off campus.

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He was 22-years-old, a physics scholarship winner, and a senior who friends say was hoping to go to graduate school in music production.

Police say he was shot to death in his home.

As they investigated, they found a scale, packaging and marijuana "in sufficient quantity to indicate intent to distribute."

Investigators believe his killer may have come in intending to rob him of drugs and money and ended up shooting him repeatedly.

A man in a black ski mask was seen running away from the house. He remains at large.

Friends insist there is no way DeSha Overcash was dealing drugs. They say he tutored athletes and served as a teaching assistant in several classes.

Investigators are now trying to talk to everyone he knew, everyone he dealt with.

It may be two or three degrees of separation, but they hope that will lead them to the person who killed him.

Written by Bruce Leshan
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