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WHS Alumni Update: Swoosh!
WHS Alumni Update: Swoosh!

By Terry and Leilani Ames

We recently received a letter from the Washington Humane Society (WHS) asking how Swoosh was doing. We adopted “Spain” in February 2011 and renamed the boy Swoosh (for the spot on his backside that resembles the Nike "swoosh" logo). When we got him our vet noted that he was overweight and needed to lose some pounds since it seemed his back legs were having a tough time supporting him. He suggested that we watch what he eats and get him exercising.

So we all began walking, walking, walking. And as a result, all of us have gotten into shape. I've lost 40 lbs., my husband is down 116 lbs., and even Swoosh, who started off at 61 lbs., is a svelte 49 lbs.! Swoosh is a border collie and he now acts the part. He wants to go out on walks, LOTS of walks, and he loves running around the yard barking at squirrels, cars, and anything moving. He leaps into the car at the prospect of a car ride and enjoys long walks around the lakes in Columbia. When we first started it was tough for him to do a 1/4 mile walk (he had a limp), but he now can do a four-mile trek on trails and be recharged 15 minutes later -- no limping or anything. He's just amazing!

Swoosh is welcome to swim in our pool, but he prefers his small dog pool to play in if he wants to splash. He even gets an occasional day of beauty at the Rocky Gorge Pet Resort & Spa. A good bath, brush, and de-shed package really makes him sparkle.

His first visit to the Rocky Gorge Pet Resort was interesting. There were some thunderstorms the first night -- and the poor boy got scared -- and tried to chew his way out. After that visit we purchased a Thundershirt to ease his anxiety during stressful times, and he's had happier visits since. We've worked with him through his various little quirks and he's turned into a really happy, sweet dog. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him; he's adorable.

We really love Swoosh and are so happy that we were able to adopt him. Before we got him we supported WHS (and WARL), but it's a bit more personal now. You took him in off the streets and gave him a safe place until he found us. It just means a lot to us to have this wonderful dog in our family, who makes us laugh, gets us outside, and is a complete joy!