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Stink Bugs: Mass Murder That's Legal | News

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Stink Bugs: Mass Murder That's Legal

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COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WUSA) -- You can squish 'em. You can suck 'em up. You can drown them.

But at this point, there's no government approved spray to kill stink bugs in your house. And some farmers have found even 22 doses of pesticides have failed to save their crops.

"The forecast is stinky, unfortunately," says University of Maryland entomology professor Michael Raupp. 


The bug man and his colleagues are raising hundreds of brown marmorated stink bugs, from egg to nymph to adult, in hopes of figuring out the best way to kill huge numbers of them.

"These guys really stink," says Raupp. "This is one stinky problem we're dealing with here guys. Unfortunately we don't have the solution this year. Maybe this time next year."

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If your house is infested with stink bugs, the experts say the best thing is to vacuum them up, although that can stink up your vacuum. You can sweep them and dump them in a pan of water with a little detergent. Don't spray them with detergent or pesticides. It will stain your furniture and kill the beneficial bugs. 

Some native predators have found the invaders from Asia tasty, including wheelbugs, preying mantis, and chickens.
But they've been over-run by the ballooning population.

The warm winter weather is waking them from the warm spots in your house where they've survived the winter. After they head outside for the spring, the best way to keep them out next fall is to plug every hole in your house with caulk, screens and insulation in hopes of keeping them out when they try and get back inside next Fall.

But for now, we'll have to put up them. "This particular species of stink buy I dislike immensely," says Raupp.

Written by Bruce Leshan
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