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Questions Begin the Quest

     Many people emphasize the importance of an answer to a question as opposed to the importance of the question being asked. According to Peter Drucker, well known writer and management consultant, “The most common source of mistakes in management decisions is the emphasis on finding the right answer rather than the right question.”

     It makes sense…we are a society focused on the results.  We focus on chase, conquer, and move on to the next goal.  Often we focus on what’s not working instead of what is working.  Well thought-out questions begin a quest.  You get a great deal of information when you ask the right questions.  With the right questions, you get a sense of awe and inspiration. 

     For example, take happiness.  How can we help ourselves and others become happier?  Happiness is not an either/or. Rather, happiness is a continuum … an ongoing pursuit. Happiness is a process of discovery and uncovering.  There is no quick fix.  Focus on our commonalities instead of our differences.  The focus on what works creates a better reality.  Ask the questions! 

     If you strengthen your immune system you are better able to cope with all situations.  So ask yourself, “How do I strengthen my immune system?  What do I want to do to live a healthier, happier life?  What is the first step I need to take in order for this to come to fruition? What’s the next step?” Ask the questions!

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