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Foster Monday: Pagent | Community Spirit

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Foster Monday: Pagent
Foster Monday: Pagent

This week we get to know Pagent! Pagent has come out of her shell under the foster care of WHS volunteer Kirsten Stade and family. Help us find Pagent a great forever home this week!

Meet Pagent, a sweet, silly, lovable little pup who loves to cuddle, play with other dogs or by herself, and go for hikes and swims. When Pagent first came to the adoption center, she was so shy she barely wanted to be handled. We don't know why she was so timid, but we do know that once she came into foster care, she came out of her shell with breakneck speed. Though she still is a tad cautious with new people and not a big fan of loud noises, she is overall just a typical happy puppy—running around with her canine "brothers," following her foster people around the house, welcoming of affection and play time. True to her lab roots, she loves to play in the water. She already shows promise as a swimmer, and even enjoys kayaking!

Pagent's indomitable spirit is proof of the incredibly resilient, adaptable, fun-loving nature of dogs. She is patient and sweet with kids, loves other dogs, and will thrive in an active home with people who appreciate her goofiness and joyful nature. You can meet Pagent by contacting her foster people at peacefuldog@yahoo.com.