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WHS Alumni Update: July 20, 2012 | Community Spirit

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WHS Alumni Update: July 20, 2012
WHS Alumni Update: July 20, 2012

Remember Pagent, our Foster Monday feature, and Rita, our pet of the week? We are thrilled to report they have each been adopted! Pagent is especially pleased to be paired with an active jogger and hiker to suit her energetic lifestyle. Check out some other happy graduates below – then help us make more alumni by adopting or fostering from WHS, and spreading the word!

Tommy and Penny
“When we went to adopt our cats at the New York Avenue adoption center we agreed on two. Penny picked out my boyfriend Mark, and Mark picked out Tommy. If it were my choice, we would have taken home all the cats in Kitty City! Here is my favorite photo of Tommy and Penny playing with a toy.”
-Alicia Fremling

Alicia also remembered a cat who came into the shelter with Tommy, named Bobby – we are glad to report that Bobby also found a happy forever home shortly after his pal!

“We adopted Sam from WHS a few months ago, and he's made himself right at home! Thank you for keeping Sam safe until we met him. We adore this sweet, cuddly boy. :)”
-Melissa Cichantek

We recently received a wonderful phone call from the adopter of Ramshackle (our FIV+ black kitty, and former pet of the week), Mr. Allison. Ramshackle came to us in February and was finally adopted June 21. Mr. Allison reports that Ramshackle has settled into her new home quite nicely and she enjoys the company of her FIV+ sibling. Her beautiful black coat is healthy and shiny, and she is a wonderful addition to her new family. We’ll share new photos soon!

Petey, who was a victim of suspected cruelty, came to WHS through our Humane Law Enforcement department. He was scared of the shelter, of most people, and of being leashed. While he made a lot of progress under the care of our Georgia Avenue adoption center staff, he still had a ways to go before he could be fully comfortable in certain situations. Ariella Senders, an intern at our National Capital Area Spay & Neuter Center, fell in love with Petey the moment she met him. She and her boyfriend Jeff adopted little Petey, and picked him up the day they were moving to Pittsburgh. It was a bit of a rough go at first, but Ariella recently shared with us the progress he has made:

“Petey is doing great! He is almost done training with his behaviorist/personal trainer and we will be enrolling him in a group class before the end of the summer. He has completely settled in at home and totally runs the place. He sleeps in bed with us every night, loves romping free in the backyard, and has Jeff's parents wrapped around his paw! He had his first bath in the tub today and was awesome… We are also looking into finding him a doggy playmate through our trainer. He loves meeting new dogs on the street and has made good friends with the poodle mix of family friends, but could use a younger more rambunctious playmate! We would eventually like to get him a permanent partner in crime, and there is no shortage at my new job at Animal Friends in Pittsburgh!”
-Ariella Senders