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Boost Your Resilience: What is Your Thinking Style? | Health

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Boost Your Resilience: What is Your Thinking Style?

How we respond to situations might be called our thinking style. It is similar to the lens we look through to view the world. We each have our own lens to look through, and we therefore have different styles which color the way we interpret events. People look through their own lens and interpretations can vary greatly. In fact, research has shown that how we analyze the events in our lives has a great effect on our resilience. So what can we do to boost our resilience?

Drs. Revich and Shatte, authors of “The Resilience Factor,write that it is  “your thinking style that causes you to respond emotionally to events, so it’s your thinking style that determines your level of resilience – your ability to overcome, steer through, and bounce back when adversity strikes”.

Here are three ways the authors suggest to use your resilience:

1. Overcome: Take responsibility for creating what you want by putting behind you what isn’t working.

2. Steer Through: Do not let everyday adversities interfere with your productivity and wellbeing.

3. Bounce Back: Probably the one we’re most familiar with, and depending on your level of resilience, you can either be helpless and resigned or bounce back and find a new way to move forward.

Try them. They make sense and they work!

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