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Clearing Healthy Boundaries & Limits | Health

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Clearing Healthy Boundaries & Limits

Having clear and healthy boundaries in the workplace and at home will make your life easier. Boundaries are limits you set on how others treat you and behave around you. People will treat you and behave around you as you allow them. Even the most well intentioned friends and family can innocently “invade” boundaries you determine are needed. How are you at saying “no?” Here’s something to keep in mind…every time you say “yes” to something, you are saying “no” to yourself because no matter what it is you are taking time from your schedule. Whether it’s to relax, work, sleep, or whatever, the time and energy are being taken away from something that you would be doing if you didn’t say “yes”.

Establishing boundaries in business is critical as well.  Too many business owners allow customers or employees to cross boundaries and then their workday is miserable and their revenues ultimately begin to fall.  This is a skill you and your team can master.

Here are some healthy tips to follow:

* Decide what you are willing to tolerate.

* Look at whether your professional life and personal life are balanced. If they are not, identify what is working in your schedule and take actions to shift things.

* Set the boundaries with others by addressing the easiest ones first. Tackle the harder boundaries later, as you are feeling more confident and stronger.

For example try this easy one. You can explain to a friend that calls you late at night you value your quiet time at night and that you often go to sleep early. Ask them not to call after 9:00pm.

*Communicate your new boundaries to others in a respectful way, being clear and specific.  

Here is an exercise you can try. On a piece of paper draw a vertical line from top to bottom. On one side write, when I say “yes” to ____, I am saying “no” to _____.

In the second column write, when I say “no” to _____, I am saying “yes” to _____.

Go ahead and give it a try…I know from experience it will be worth it.


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