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Resilience and Positive Self Talk – Work it Like a Muscle

Scientific research has powerfully demonstrated that Resilience and Positive Self Talk is the key to success at work and satisfaction in life. Your natural reserves of resilience, coupled with the thoughts that you think, affects your performance in school and at work, your physical and mental health, and the quality of your relationships. They are the basic ingredients to happiness and success.

My belief is that everyone has a Resiliency factor. I view exercise as I do the Resiliency factor. For example, when we work out we are building up our muscles to make us stronger and physically fit. That is similar to resilience. We want to build our Resiliency muscle to make us stronger in the sense of how quickly we rebound or bounce back from difficult situations in our lives.

Resiliency turns failure into success, hardship into challenge, victim into survivor and for that survivor to thrive. Resiliency is about looking at obstacles as steppingstones, falling down and getting up, and what is important is, how quickly you bounce back.

In my next blog, learn several key factors to finding your inner strength and overcoming life’s hurdles.

A great book suggestion is “The Resilience Factor” by Karen Reivich, Ph.D and Andrew Shatte, Ph.D.

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Susan Samakow, PCC, CPCC

Certified Business, Life  & Leadership Coach