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Sunday 7/31: See me channel my inner De Niro

Sunday 7/31: See me channel my inner De Niro

This Sunday July 31 at 8PM, CONQUERING THE ROSE, a feature-length independent drama will screen at the Cinema Arts Theatre in Fairfax. The film tells the story of how the death of Etta Callahan, a young dance student, affects the lives of those closest to her. CONQUERING THE ROSE is written and produced by local actress and filmmaker Jenna St. John, who adapted the screenplay from her novel. The film is directed by J. Michael Whalen, making his feature directorial debut. Award winning actor, George Katt, stars as Jeremiah Mouthy, an artist and teacher who becomes obsessed with Etta following her death.

Shot in locations from Alexandria to Baltimore, CONQUERING THE ROSE, employed cast and crew from D.C., Maryland, and Virginia, including yours truly. I play psychologist Blake Johnson in what is the biggest role of my acting career. So come out Sunday night to see me run the emotional triathlon. It’s just $6!

5 Winter Boots for Men

5 Winter Boots for Men

Like much of the Northeast, DC got hit hard by winter storms yesterday. Bundling up and preparing to go out in the cold is of great importance, especially when it comes to shoes. (Have you slipped on that ice? Ouch! It's brutal!). Here are 5 different winter boot options to get guys through the next part of winter.

1. For the Winter Sports Guy

In what has to be one of the greatest innovations ever for the winter shoe, this Columbia Bugathermo Boot is heated. Yup, it contains a heating system with rechargeable batteries. It's also waterproof and has a temperature display on the exterior of the boot.

2. For the Urban Cowboy

This X-Lace Boot by John Varvatos has a rough and tumble feel. It's currently on sale at Neiman Marcus for $359, down from its original $789 price tag.

3. For the Guy Who Likes to Mix it Up

Has National Harbor Helped Changed The Image of Prince George's County?

Ask drivers from Virginia, who travel into Maryland, and they will tell you it is hard not to notice the beautiful development that overlooks the Potomac River, especially during the evening and night times where the National Harbor is illuminated with bright vibrate colors.  The National Harbor has not only become a destination, located just minutes away from our Nation's capital, but also a symbol of change for a county that has long struggled with attracting large public and private sector employers as well as high to middle-class retail options for its' residents compared to the surrounding counties.