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This Morning's Solar Eclipse in Australia | Weather

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This Morning's Solar Eclipse in Australia

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WUSA9) -- A dramatic ring of fire appeared in the Australian sky this morning. This was an annular eclipse. It happens when the moon blocks most of the sun's light from our view. 

Elizabeth Warner is a Faculty Research Assistant at the University of Maryland Observatory. She says, "The moon in its orbit is sometimes closer and sometimes further away from the Earth. This time, the moon was further away, and looked smaller than the sun. And it didn't completely block the sun's disk". 

When the moon and the sun aligned, the ring of fire burst through the edges of the moon's outline. Events like this happen a couple times a year, but they're only visible for a small part of the world. Mark your calendar for the next one, on November 3rd, when it'll be visible in the eastern United States. And if the weather cooperates, it'll be a spectacular sight in the DC sky.

Warner says, "The eclipse will be happening as the sun is rising, so it will be a very early morning eclipse".

It's pretty rare around here for all the elements to come together for a great view of a solar eclipse. But you don't have to wait until November for some great stargazing. Astronomers like Warner know that there's plenty of awesome sights in the night sky, all year round.